We really appreciate your privacy. This privacy policy page is intended to describe what type of information we store with respect to visitor data of this site.

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Like most other websites, www.kamus.my.id uses log files to store visitor data.

The data includes IP address (Internet Protocol), browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), visit time, referral page used to log in to our website, the last page visited on our website, the number of clicks, the location of the visitor and how you browse our site.

We retain all of this data for the benefit of website development using third party services such as google analytic or histats.


The website www.kamus.my.id also uses cookies to store information about you, and we use it to change the look of the page to make it more convenient. In addition, we also store related data such as the type of web browser used and other things submitted by the web browser you use to our site.


- Google, in this case as a third party, uses cookies to display advertisements on www.kamus.my.id.
- Google uses DART cookies to display customized ads based on visitor data either on the site www.kamus.my.id or other sites.
- Visitors may choose not to use DART cookies by visiting the Google advertising privacy policy section of the following address: http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html

In addition to Google Adsense, we may have several other partners regarding ads that utilize the cookie.

Our third party partners use their own servers and technology networks to show you ads. They will automatically record your IP address. Advertisers may also use other technologies, such as cookies, JavaScript or Web Beacons to measure the extent of effectiveness and / or to display advertisements according to your profile as visitors to this site.

Our site, www.kamus.my.id does not have access to control how these cookies are used by our advertising partner. You are welcome to visit the privacy policies of each of our advertising partners for further clarification on the use of this information and also how to reject it. Our privacy policy, www.kamus.my.id is not binding and can not control the activities of those advertisers.


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This Privacy Policy was last updated on: Sunday, February 21, 2021.
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